Website Design Questionnaire

Hello Playto team!

We're thrilled to work with you on your website! 🚀

The questions below are our starting point, and during our time together over the next couple of weeks and months, we’ll use this as reference to build a solid website for you.

It's a bit lengthy, but don't get intimidated. Perhaps you're wondering why we're asking some of these questions. Well, in our website redesign journey, we need to understand the core aspects of the brand and see how we can best represent it through a website. If you feel that some questions don't require your attention, feel free to skip them; and don't worry about giving incomplete or imperfect answers (the longer the better). Bullet points are perfectly okay, too. No stress!

If you're stuck on anything or want to talk about it, feel free to reach out.

Best of luck!

🤔 About PlayTo

Q: How would you describe what PlayTo does? What are the most important services the company provides?

Our Offerings:

  1. Playto Learn
  1. Pro-level *Editing *& Animation

  2. *Content Creation *& Personal Branding

  3. Creating an Agency

  4. Cracking High-Ticket Clients

  5. Building a Great Portfolio